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Q. What are deed restrictions?

A. Deed restrictions are legal binding regulations that are placed into the deed of a property that restrict the things a homeowner can and can't do with their property. By owning or living in a property with deed restrictions, you have agreed to abide by these rules. The intent of Deed restrictions is to maintain a ‘uniform’ appearance for a safe, clean, attractive neighborhood, to maintain curb appeal, and ultimately improve property values.


Q. What sort of things are covered by deed restrictions?

A.  The deed restrictions cover areas such as appearance and maintenance of the house, yard, and surroundings.   Storage buildings, clothes lines, exterior appearance, nuisances, and animals are some other subjects covered.  


Q. How are the deed restrictions enforced?

A.  The deed restrictions are legal covenants between home owners. In neighborhoods covered by deed restrictions, each homeowner has the right to enforce compliance from other fellow homeowners. 


Q. Why doesn't the Board of Trustees do something about enforcing deed restrictions?

A.  The deed restrictions are legal covenants between home owners. The charter for the Board of Trustees is to use tax dollars to maintain the entrances, exterior perimeter walls, and adjacent grounds as permitted by the County Board of Commissioners.  The Board has no legal authority to enforce deed restrictions. The restrictions are automatically extended for successive ten (10) year periods unless a 3/4 (three-fourths) majority of the then owners change or modify in writing the restrictions in whole or in part in the year preceding the 10th (tenth) year. The restrictions are in place until 2030 as written. Changes may be made in 2029. Thereafter they extend until 2040, with ability to change in 2039, and so on. Please use the attachment below as your guide to maintain your property. Your neighbors thank you!

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