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The Hillsborough Board of County Commissioners signed Ordinance #90-39 (see PDF file below) creating Pine Hollow Special Dependent Tax District on November 5, 1990. 

The Pine Hollow Board of Trustees consists of seven elected or appointed members who are responsible for operation of the District.  Trustees must be registered voters with a Pine Hollow address and are considered local government officials who serve four-year terms. Officers are re-elected/re-appointed every 2 years.  Trustees are volunteers and are not compensated for their time or services.


The governing Ordinance states that the creation and purpose of the "Pine Hollow Special Dependent Tax District is for the purpose of improvement, administration, repair, maintenance of common areas, and employment/payment of necessary costs associated with security, and is the best method available for the delivery of such services."  As such, the Board is responsible for maintaining the Pine Hollow entrances, perimeter walls, and adjacent grounds, as well as assuring that the District is in compliance with applicable County and State requirements. 


No HOA fees are collected in Pine Hollow. Funding for (see above paragraph) is collected from homeowners as a non ad valorem tax assessment. The assessment appears annually on the property tax bill. The Special District operates on a Fiscal Year which runs October 1 through September 30.  For Budget and Audit information, see the tabs on this website under the relavent Fiscal Year. 


The Special District complies with

Chapter 189, Florida Statutes - Uniform Special District Accountability Act.

The Florida Department of Financial Services website makes available the District's Annual Financial Report at:


The Board is also governed by the Florida Commission on Ethics, which is addressed under "Ethics Laws" at:

Image by Sean Oulashin

Your Board of Trustees (and terms)

Brian Sisco, President (09/2026)


Charles Crabtree, Vice President (09/2024)

Sarah Sisco, Secretary (09/2024)

Susanne Crabtree, Treasurer (09/2026)

Clete Goddard, Trustee (09/2024)


Amaury Arias, Trustee (09/2026)

Deborah Armstrong, Trustee (09/2026)

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