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Special Dependent District

Hillsborough County, Florida, 33624

Crimestoppers of Tampa Bay


Deputy Melvin Jones

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office- District 3

Community Resource Deputy- Carrollwood/Citrus Park/Lutz Area

7202 Gunn Hw. Tampa, FL 33625

(813) 247-0330





 As a reminder to everyone, Crimestoppers of Tampa Bay is a resource for reporting suspicious activity. If you or your residents have knowledge of any particular individuals or locations that may be a source of criminal activity, you can contact them free and anonymously. They can be reached via phone at 1-800-873-TIPS or online at the web address listed below. The information that you provide will be routed to the appropriate agency for action. If you have any further questions, please let me know. Thank you.

-Deputy Melvin Jones

If you see a crime in progress call 911

HCSO non-emergency # - 813-247-8200

Share your cell number with your immediate neighbors & invite them to call if they see something out of place...such as an open garage door, suspicious activity or unfamiliar vehicle. Reciprocal concern fosters a safe community!

Remember: Be careful of slippery gutters! Due to the natural flow of underground water, curbside gutters can be very slippery during the rainy months. Please use caution if you see a wet gutter on a sunny day!

Image by Annie Spratt

Wall Maintenance

If your property borders on any wall, you can do your part to help extend it's structural life!


Avoid planting near the wall

  • Trees with surface roots and fast growing invasive species such as bamboo and Brazilian pepper trees can put extreme stress on walls causing them to lean or crack.

  • Plants with thorns hinder repair and maintenance crews, and while beautiful, bougainvillea can be treacherous to work around.

  • The clinging vines which are present on our perimeter walls put roots into the masonry, damaging it over time.  Allowing or encouraging the overgrowth of these vines weaken the walls, subjecting us to the possiblity of damage and repairs.


Paint the yard side of your wall!

  • Good exterior paint helps keep rain, plant growth and insects out of the wall. A sizeable portion of the budget goes to cleaning and painting the top and street side of the walls. Without good protective exterior grade paint on the homeowner's side a good deal of damage can still result.


If your property isn’t along one of the walls:

    You benefit from a well maintained perimeter! Property values are higher, and crime is lower in subdivisions with a well maintained perimeter. 

Join your neighbors on our new Facebook group!

Think of the Facebook Group as our Community Bulletin Board! Are your children selling cookies? Was your mail delivered to the wrong address? Do you have a neighborhood announcement? Join our group and post it all here!

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Join the Pine Hollow Neighbors group here.

Note: For your privacy, this is a closed group. Please request to join and you'll be added. Thank you!

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